SRCDS and Garry's Mod

What games do you need to install for a Garry’s Mod Sandbox server? I know that you have to install Garry’s Mod, (derp), but what else? I know of this link, but i don’t trust it, lol.

Don’t trust it?
Are you retarded? That’s from the old wiki. It’s legit.

Well, are there more games that GMod uses?

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Okay, let me re-ask the question:

What games does GMod use? For example, if i am in Singleplayer and i have ALL games on Steam, what games would i have in GMod?

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Let me re-re-ask this question:

What of these games are included within Garry’s Mod?

Well you don’t need anything else, but you can add Counter strike / Episode 1,2 and TF2 if you want too.

But this is a optional choice if you want people to use these props, if they have the game that is.

Stop being so hostile?

I think the guy is asking what steam games can be mounted within Garrysmod. I think he want’s a definitive list.

I guess the best list to get if from the Extension Menu on the Mount tab, shows all the mountable games.

Mountable Games:

Team Fortress 2
Half Life Series
Day of Defeat
Counter Strike
Left 4 Dead
Left 4 Dead 2
Zeno Clash
Zombie Panic source
Age of Chivarly

in gmod beta

Portal 2 (not working yet)

Zombie Panic source
Age of Chivarly

Okay, thanks. :slight_smile: