SRCDS Bad Image

Hi all. I’ve run a GMod server for a while now, and I’m just now getting this error. The server is in a VM, on another box I have, and it runs Windows Server 2012. There has not been any errors until now. When I try and start it It says the following:

“d:\orangebox\garrysmod\bin\game_shader_generic_garrysmod.dylib is either not designed to run on Windows or it contains an error. Try blah, blah, blah, etc…”

I’ve had no problems with compatibilty. I have 3 other source servers running with same specs/OS and there’s no issues.

Here is a screenshot:

I’ve tried deleting the DLL file and the DYLIB files, but that just either doesn’t work, or makes the error window not come up, but it still crashes.
Thanks for the help.

What fixed it for me was this:
#1. delete the “ClientRegistry.blob”, and “InstallRecord.blob” in the …\srcds\ folder , which for you might be located in your D:\ .
#2. Afterwards I ran the update.bat:

#3. Lastly I deleted the “game_shader_generic_garrysmod.dylib” file, and now my server opens without that pesky error.