SRCDS - Can't be an admin on my own server >.<

Okay, the subject should explain it mostly…however I’ll give some detail

Basically one day I started up my server
Got on… and installed ASSMOD
Its awesome…however when I use it on my server it wont work because my server thinks that I am a normal player.

What am I doing wrong? O_o

-I’ve tried connecting to the server using my IP address (internal)
** It works, and I can play with all my friends connected to my server but Admin doesn’t work*
- I’ve tried connecting using the external IP (The one my friends connect to I believe) and it says "Steam Validation Rejected"

I can’t find a related thread A N Y W H E R E

Much Appreciated,

I think that’s the administrator modification the can help you with that.


What? Well I have ASSMod installed mate. But I can’t use anything involving the ASS Menu because the server thinks I’m a normal user.

try making yourself admin through the server console.

This, you need to add yourself to the admin group, even if you run the server on your computer it won’t automatically add you.