SRCDS Content Management Tool

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Maybe you could make it able to be applied to other source mods, like Zombie Master or something. It might work well like that? This program even now has huge potential, and I’d like to see this grow into something huge.

A dropdown list could be added, for a list of multiple mods, but they have to follow the same orangebox structure. I would do this if par-say, there were several mods.

Looks very nice and well thought out. As Xaunch said, probably more content to add. Other wise, kudos and keep the good work up.

it is possible to download it ???


I sincerely appreciate it. Any suggestions for what sort of content? L4d? CS:S? Some other obscure mod?

Not at this time. It is not ready for a public release.

On a side note, I just wanted to mention that this program implements hldsupdatetool and hlextract, so if either update, it should still function all the same.

Minor Updates
-Minor Text Changes
-Resizing of the program is now not possible.
-Slimmer Design

Awaiting further suggestions.

Well, here is another progress picture, converting the bulky buttons into one neat list, it will only take a few minutes to port the code to the dropdown list. I have lunch to deal with for now, so enjoy the media. (Keep in mind, I only want to include major mods, the ones you see in the list are only examples.) I will try to include icons if such a function exists still. Final option arrangements will be figured out when most of the main features are added.

It will be possible to install Garry’s Mod ? !! Yes !!

The Content for the SRCDS will be installed, in that case, for Garry’s Mod yes, and the content using the HL2 content extraction. So theoretically, you could set up an entire vanilla SynergyMod or Garry’s Mod server using this tool. But that is not its purpose, but it could be based on what people need it for.

This program’s function is simply to replace the need for creating and managing a library of batch files. So you can reinstall content to a server for cleaning purposes, and creating or updating a prior server type.

Cool !! and ween it will be released ??

When it is finished. Or ready.

Big Update:

-Program has been modified to have a dropdown list for available server types rather than buttons, this takes up less space, and allows modularity between having more and more types of downloadable content added.
The code has been optimised using variables rather than individual calls for updating, which removes redundancy in the code, and takes less memory, and a helluva lot less effort to add game types.

Here it is, and the OP has been updated as well.

Looks awesome.


TBH, I would have to give someone else the sourcecode to port it to such an operating system. THis doesnt bother me, but im just not very comfortable having to learn a whole new operating system just to get the program to be compatible with it. This is Visual Basic, not C++. Closest I can get is Visual C#

Minor Updates again:

-Added an About Dialog.
-Checking the ramifications of adding a menu strip, debating whether or not it might be useful for later features.

I would ask if you can make the simple “install” a specific thing, like presets almost. More of an “Install basic Synergy/Gmod/Source Server” and if you can, an addon module that you can check boxes on common mods you want such as Wire, various tools (fin, weight), and so on. I was also thinking if setting up a custom svn url if you didnt add one yet. “Insert svn link here (I.E.”

How about that for some ideas?

Theoretically I could invoke TortoiseSVN in the same way that I do HLEXTRACT, where it could download specific SVN’s much like my batch scripts, again, that sounds like an interesting feature, to download SVNs for the newly updated server, Give me some wrenches if you want this feature added.

But the problem is, not everyone has SVN clients, so maybe integrating a client of your own might help?

Such an idea, might be a little too much for some people… HLEXTRACT is 112KB, HLLIB is 261KB, HldsUpdateTool is 1.1MB, and my Extractor Program is 371KB, incorporating TortoiseSVN Somehow would require a lot of coding, and would require a user to use the extractor to update the svn folders even if such a feat was achieved. And the size of the overall program would no doubt triple.

Though there is a way to invoke the program to download a file, but a TREE, without Tortoise, would be freaking more work than it’s worth for me.

I was saying you simply just hack one together via a reference look at the client EXE.

Why not splice some piss poor code then, and see if you can make your own. OR use the addon downloader from the gmod wiki? That one is a small exe that calls from a bin folder? Its not that big, plus I’ve seen some bigger things before. NBD