SRCDS Crash dump issue

I have an issue with my server in that it keeps crashing, but I just can’t figure out what’s causing it. It doesn’t seem to be a lua problem because I’m not seeing anything in the server console in that aspect. So I suspect an engine problem or maybe an infinite loop of some kind, maybe a specific tool or a prop somehow.

Whatever the issue might be, I really need to figure out what my srcds has been doing before it crashed. But the problem is that as soon as it happens, it just resets, erasing everything. And those MDMP files aren’t all that useful either. Half of the time they just make an empty file, like I see the file, with the correct date and timestamp of the crash, but there’s nothing in it, and WinDbg doesn’t open it.

I do have SRCDS Guardian 3.0 running as well, but then, the only thing it tells me is when it crashed, it doesn’t tell me why, so that doesn’t help much.

Does it crash at random intervals or just as soon as you start it?

Seemingly random intervals. Sometimes it goes without crashing for a day or two. Sometimes not 2 hours can go without it crashing two or three times in a row.

It does seem to happen more often if the server has around 30-32 players than say, 10 or less.

Do you have many addons installed? If you do, it’s very possible that one or two of them are conflicting, it sounds very odd that it’s crashing every now and then, are you running out of RAM on your server?

It’s not a lua error, which could come from the addons, so I doubt it’s that. I also very much doubt it’s the RAM because I keep taskman open at all times on the box and it would probably start choking before crashing. But as it is it’s not giving any warning. Everything’s fine, then bam, suddenly, crash.

So far the only way I see to tell what’s causing it would be to get a crash dump, but like I said, so far that hasn’t worked out.

That is definitely odd, I cannot say I’ve a clue, SRCDS doesn’t throw any exceptions before it closes? It just closes? Try adding -debug and see what it logs up until it crashes.

SteamCMD, SRCDS doesn’t work for Steam after this update thingy.


It says something for about a quarter of a second and then resets immediately, it’s physically impossible to read what it is unless I did nothing but stare at my console for hours until it crashed. And this doesn’t appear to be logging this anywhere.

For once the crashdump actually gave me something, but like I said I can’t make heads or toes out of it.

Does that make sense to anyone?

In any case, I’ll have to try -debug next, see if it’s any help.

Well, from what I can see (which isn’t much because I don’t deal with these things) a Stack Overflow was thrown for some reason (not sure why) and then it failed to load ntdll.dll for some reason, once again, it’s no more than a guess.

Putting -debug in the command line doesn’t appear to be doing anything.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong.

I’ll remove -nocrashdiag and see what I get

Neither things have helped.

When I remove nocrashdialog, I get to see what’s last happened in the console, but it’s always something unimportant, like someone said something, or someone died, or someone spawned, it’s never the same, and it doesn’t appear to be anything specific that would crash it. At least as far as console logging goes.

I’m stumped.