srcds crashes when changing map.

If i use exsto to change map or rcon changelevel the server just closes and the watchdog kicks in, but still kicking all the players from the server without any message.

Get flapadar’s reconnect script, what you could do is change the map in the command line and restart the server, then the players will reconnect, its a detour but it will work similarly to changemap.

But i want to be able to change the map from exsto, or reload the map. Not logging in on my server, editing the commandline and then restarting it.

Try a different admin mod =/

ASSmod gives the same problem, so does ULX and so does map or changelevel in rcon

Then theres something wrong with your srcds, gmod never was good at changing maps(in my experience) ttt changes maps, you should look into it’s code