SRCDS crashes when changing to a diffrent map ?

Hello, recently i’ve found a good use for my vps, a garry’s mod server!
So i setup everything, srcds, deathrun game mode, added some maps etc etc, now when i go in the console and typ :
changegamemode deathrun_iceworld_v2 deathrun

it works fine, but later when voting / changing to/for a diffrent level it crashes and i get a error ‘‘SRCDS has stopped working’’

what should i do ?, Please help me !


-bump, sorry i need help realy, realy bad!

Does it crash if you change the gamemode as well as the map? Like, toggle it to sandbox and back.

Recently i re-downloaded the maps as thinking it was since they may have not been completly downloaded, this did help!
Probaly the vps lost a little bit of the fille first?

But at the momment when i start-up SRCDS it only shows ‘‘loading’’ etc. The start loading thing, after that the console does not come up and the server is not running.