SRCDS DarkRP Server Won't Work!!!

Hey, I have set up the srcds exactly how the instructions said. I can’t load any gamemodes. This is what I get

PLEASE! Comment if you know how to fix this. It refuses to load any gamemode.

It looks like it can’t load sandbox either… re-run hldsupdatetool?

I think it’s because of the engine update.

I’ve seen this problem two times.

  1. When fastDL is on the server. -deactivate fastDL.
  2. After the new update. - Update Gmod server files and it should be solved. hldsupdatetool -command update -dir <yourdirectory> -game “garrysmod” -verify_all

Okay this is what you need to do make a BAT file called server.bat it’s gonna be you’re crash script (meaning if you’re server crashes it will auto restart) add +sv_defaultgamemode DarkRP and +sv_gamemode DarkRP I’m pretty sure that’s it try it if it dosnt PM me and let me know.

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