SRCDS Dump Files

How would you go about getting useful info from a SRCDS dump file?

-[Edit]- Having a server crash at random times throughout day, I think it is just source limit but would be nice to know if there is another cause.

Getting what caused a server crash.

Upload dumps to

I tried this last night but the page just kept refreshing 40 times for about 20 minutes with no result, I believe that tool only works on garrysmod dumps.

I’ve used it many times for srcds dumps, sometimes it just takes a long time. You may also want to try starting over if it ends up taking a really long while.

Write this in the startup line: -condebug

Then you will have a text file called “console.txt” in your garrysmod/ folder.

This is enabled on all servers, however gives me no clues. Just shows me the server has crashed and its then started again.