SRCDS engine error.

SRCDS works fine to host a cs:s - server, but gmod ones have any connecting client crash upon trying to load the server. “Engine Error. Couldn’t allocate any server IP port” .

Try something like “+ip -port 37015”

I’ve been having some issues using the console window instead of the GUI, but I’ll try that as a console command line.


Shortcut to srcds.exe running parameters/target of: C:\srcds\orangebox\srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map gm_flatgrass -maxplayers 11 -autoupdate +ip -port 27015 . I start it, a console box comes up, thanks for the tip on making that work. But here’s what it says, with an error box exactly like what happened trying to join it before.

:l .

Try it with IP

Console box is fine, trying to join crashes the game, same - engine - error box.

+ip and try another port, Should really work. And if you have a firewall it might somehow stop you from doing that.

And are you saying client/server crashes upon connect?

Only client crashing doing it like that, and that didn’t help. Firewalls off.

Sorry, but I don’t get you.


  • Client crashes when connecting
  • Server crashes when client connects
  • Server crashes when it is starting
  • Both crash?

Are you trying to play on the same pc where you are hosting?