srcds.exe - Bad Image

I’ve looked around, nothing really good.
I just updated my Gmod not even an hour ago. I’m about to update it again and see if it works.
The reason I’m posting this thread even though I haven’t tried to update it again is because, if it doesn’t help, hopefully someone will tell me how to solve it.
Thanks in advance.

Re-updated, everything seems to be fine but it still gives me the same error.

I get the exact same problem, any leads yet? Its depressing knowing that not even google can help us.

similar problem here

I fixed it on my friend’s server by deleting the file…

Indeed deleting the file fixes it.

Been going on since 149 was it? Garry keeps closing the threads, but I guess it’s not a major issue for now.

Ignore this, I fixed my problem with help from you guys! thanks so much!