srcds.exe "crashing"

Hi, I’ve got an issue that I’m uncertain how to solve.
Sometimes my srcds.exe crashes and “srcds.exe has stopped working…”. In my Windows server I’ve set it up so it suppresses all errors = this window doesn’t open = the window closes and my bat script restarts it, so it works just as supposed.

But the problem is that sometimes, the server crashes but the server log window doesn’t close or say anything. It just says the last thing like:
Name spawned blabla.mdl - for example.
Then it just stays there. I can’t type anything but it’s not frozen in the way that I can’t move the window either.
Everyone disconnects and server is down until I force quit srds.exe.

Does anyone know what causes this/how to make it restart in these cases automatically?

Sorry if it’s in the wrong category.