SRCDS.EXE, no crash message, no signs of crash, seems fully responsive, but it crashed.


Image explains pretty much everything, if anyone has any insight on this, please!

Are there any clientside errors given?

Any errors in the srcds windows itself?

You can try to use Srcds Guardian, and see if that helps, but im not sure if it will work if the srcds windows is still responsive.
And yeah, giving your server some more ram might not be such a bad Idea.

No clientside errors, no serverside errors. It just shows the last log being someone dropped an item. I’m pretty sure that’s not the cause of a crash. Most physics crashes end up making srcds unresponsive and it shows a “is not responding” window. In this situation, everything was fine, and then everyone just lost connection. The server didn’t even show that people were disconnecting. It’s like srcds just stopped ticking. I think the 2 GB ram is good enough. It never usually goes above 450mb and I’m always under 60% ram usage. The FPS also usually fluctuates atleast one unit every so often, but in this situation the value is never changing.

I was using something like SRCDS Guardian with start /wait batch commands. It only works when it crashes properly.

Possible it could be SQL related?