srcds exec cfg not changing gamemode?


I have been launching srcds like this

C:\gmod_server\srcds.exe -console -tickrate 100 -game garrysmod +maxplayers 32 +map cs_office

with an autoexec.cfg like this:

gamemode “prop_hunt”
hostname “ObjHunt | Development”

but when I remove the autoexec.cfg and use this launch line
C:\gmod_server\srcds.exe -exec phunt.cfg -console -tickrate 100 -game garrysmod +maxplayers 32 +map cs_office

where objhunt.cfg is the exact same as the above autoexec.cfg

The gamemode is sandbox instead of prop_hunt. am I doing this wrong? I tried omitting .cfg from phunt.cfg

its server.cfg

sry replace autoexec with server.cfg
my real autoexec looks like:

exec server.cfg

either way, if I want to spawn two servers from the same dir can I do that with different configs? seems like I can’t because the cfg needs to exec properly but doesn’t

Even if were possible I would’nt do it, just make a different folder for each on its not that hard. Also try doing -gamemode prop_hunt in your startup command. Just leave the name server.cfg and instead of storing rcon password in there just add -rcon_password PASSWORD to the start line also.


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