srcds fails to start 9/10 times

I made a complete reinstall of srcds into a new folder after last update because steamCMD didn’t work to force_install_dir.
For some reason now it seems like 9/10 times when starting my srcds it loads addons and says “Network: IP blabla, mode MP, dedicated Yes, ports 27015 SV / 27005 CL”.
After that nothing at all happens and the server isn’t started.

I use the same startup script with no weird stuff in it and default cfg etc, what could cause this? has someone else experienced this?

Once I have created my server, it seems to start fine on Windows and Linux. However I do have a problem with loading up SteamCMD to install a server, it seems to be hit and miss weather commands will just hang, like force_install_dir and login.

Is your map located in a workshop file?

no, I use gm_construct, barely any addons

It is trying to tell you, it is starting up. As if you can’t, re-download it. And follow a tutorial on youtube. I recommend watching this: and if it still don’t work, I am sorry to say. But it’s GG for you!