SRCDS Freezing

I honestly have no idea what section this should be in, so I chose this one.

SRCDS, for whatever reason, is just hanging on ‘Initializing Steam libraries for secure Internet server’ now.
I’ve tried redownloading all of SteamCMD and GarrysModDS, and yet nothing worked :\

My current load script is:
“D:\SteamCMD\steamapps\common\GarrysModDS\srcds.exe -console -game garrysmod +map gm_construct +gamemode deathrun +hostport 27017 -maxplayers 8”

This was working before, but isn’t anymore.

Any help is appreciated :C

Same… seems to happen to everyone.
let’s wait for garry to see what’s up.

Bump, because surely there’s a way to fix this.

EDIT: A lot of servers don’t seem to be experiencing this.

have you tried verify_all on your update script, you might have a problem with the srcds.exe itself or one of the files working with it

I know someone who’s srcds is working just fine, but he hasn’t updated it in 2 days, might be a recent update I’m guessing… I hadn’t played Garry’s Mod for around 1 month or so. I’m still new to this SteamCMD shit.

If you’re running your server while logged in to steam, you can try this suggestion:

Just exit out of steam prior to starting the server, let it load, then start steam back up.

Hope that helps!

This is painful I will have to restart my steam everytime I start my server? is there any solution on sight?

EDIT: seemed to have found a solution for now. if u in the Beta update in steam opt out to fix it.

Ah, that may very well be it! I’m opt’d in for the Beta. Thanks for the heads up.

Son of a bitch… that actually worked… I had even woke up early today, at 8:00 am to get some shit done and it’s 1:58 am and now is that I find out about this… THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!