Srcds Garrysmod Removing Hooks

Okay, Simple question.

Srcds , the deticated server program is running gmod servers for me.
Every time the game recieves an error on a Hook it will be removed!

How can I stop and or prevent this, it ruins games for my friends and we always have to restart Gamemodes.


I am admin of my own server and whenever i try/attempt to pick up a player ulx lua errors pop up such as:

ERROR: Hook 'ulxPlayerPickup' Failed: ulib/shared/sh_ucl.lua:44: attempt to index local 'access' (a nil value)
Removing Hook 'ulxPlayerPickup'

Is your ulx the latest version?

Yes, it is.

i feel like ulx is causing the problem in the first palce though , i will try reinstalling the SVN :slight_smile: