SRCDS Hardening and crash prevention?

I’ve been hosting a Gmod server for about 4 years now. With each new update and change to SRCDS and Gmod, my server crashes more, and more.
I’m hosting this on a relatively beefy machine, Xeon processor 8 Gb ram, SSD etc… And while there’s little to no lag whatsoever, crashes come randomly, affecting the popularity of the server.
I can handle about 45~50 people on the server before things get a little too laggy, but I get crashes with as little as 10 people on the server.
I don’t have a ton of addons installed and I prune custom content so that there are no lua errors.

Is there any techniques and or guides on how to strengthen the crash resistance of SRCDS without making any drastic changes to how the server is run?
Thanks in advance.

SRCDS has gotten worse and worse for me over the years as well, it seems many people have an issue with SRCDS, SRCDS rarely crashes for me but sometimes the server I host it on just randomly reboots with no info on why, however, I’ve had SRCDS crash at the most random times when using CS:S for these things…sort of interesting, you should talk with the other guy having this issue, another guy in this forum is having the exact same issue as you.

To be honest this may be a hardware issue.

If anyone wants to take a gander,here are today’s crash dumps.

All of your logs throw the exact same exception, the exception is “Access code violation - code c000005 (first/second chance not available)” along with some other information that’s relatively the same, but from what it looks like, you have plenty of RAM so it shouldn’t be an issue with running out of RAM…I don’t know enough to continue troubleshooting you, sorry.

Update: Think it has something to do with the duplicator tool. Used it and crashed me instantly. Had another player use it and it crashed too. It may be the code I used to block it.

It might also be a corrupt section on the SSD. It’s a long shot but they do degrade over time - once it hits 30%-40% left on the wear level indicator (using smarttools) then things tend to go pear shaped in my experience.

If you rent the server the provider will sometimes put in a used SSD.

Just my two cents.

Hosting myself.
I just bought this SSD too.
Server just crashed again, we had about 30 people on the server.

This frustrates me.

Log tool usage and see if all your crashes follow a duplicator tool use.

I can confirm that this isn’t the case. Just had about 6 people on, not anything compared to the 30 last night, and crashed. Checked the logs and the last logged event was a weld.

I’d suggest disabling your virtual memory, and have it run all on physical, srcds doesn’t like it sometimes when it’s offloaded to virtual>physical and CAN crash, plus running it on physical may take more RAM, but it’ll load up/run more efficiently.