SRCDS HL2 Content

I’m having trouble with my dedicated server with the fact that even though I have HL2 content mounted inside the orange box folder, I still can’t use any of the maps such as the train station and canals on the garry’s mod server. When ever I try to change it to one of the maps, SRCDS will just stop working. At first I thought it was the program I use to start it (Server Checker) but that wasn’t the case. Is there anything else I should mount to the HL2 folder? I already tried putting in source 2007 shared Models, Sounds and Materials as well as the Half Life 2 content straight from the GCF Files in my steam apps. I even tried taking the maps themselves from the Half Life 2 Content GCF and putting them into the server maps. Still SRCDS stops working.

Extra Cotent

Not sure if that’s what you’re asking for.

Kind of what I’m looking for. I need to be able to use the Half Life 2 maps on my garry’s mod server.