srcds launch script

I am wondering what the best launch script for garry’s mod srcds would be?

I currently have:
start srcds.exe -console -game “garrysmod”

gamemode, map, maxplayers, workshop stuff is something you’d need. Check the wiki.

I honestly just need to know about server.cfg cvars.

exec banned.cfg
exec banned_user.cfg

hostname ""

//mp_fraglimit 0
//mp_footsteps 1
//mp_flashlight 1
//sv_contact ""
//decalfrequency 60
//mp_decals 100
//mp_falldamage 1
//sv_cheats 0
//sv_timeout 120
//sv_allowupload 1
//sv_allowdownload 1

//mapcyclefile mapcycle.txt

//sv_unlag 1


//sv_stats 0
//sv_region 0
//fps_max 0

//sv_minrate 30000
//sv_maxrate 30000
//sv_minupdaterate 30
//sv_maxupdaterate 30
//sv_maxcmdrate 99
//sv_client_min_interp_ratio 0
//sv_client_max_interp_ratio 2

//sv_password ""
//log 1
//tv_enable 0
//sv_minupdaterate 10
//rcon_password ""

I dashed most of them out and want to add them once I know the proper setting for each one!

-norestart -console -game garrysmod -condebug -nocrashdialog +gamemode <gamemode> +maxplayers <number> -tickrate <number> +map <map>

This is what I use