SRCDS Lock-Up.

I feel that my own computer is better than the host I pay to, and would rather host it myself. I used the HLDSUpdatetool to install to C:\srcds , and then opened the command line to there, running the TEST command of, hldsupdatetool -command update -game “ship” -dir C:\srcds , to install The Ship. All games have the issue described - below.

It shows in the command prompt:

Checking Bootstrapper Version …
Updating Installation

And then - nothing more. A windows message comes up to say it has - stopped working, checking for solution, problem caused it - to stop working correctly, ect. And it never changes from this, over time.

The files in C:\srcds are Clientregistry.blob, HLDSUpdateTool.exe, HLDSUpdateTool_35.mst, hldsupdatetool_readme.txt, install.log, and unwise.exe .

Windows Vista, 64-bit, Dual-Core. (None of which ought be the issue.) .


Another tool says that the file-servers that hldsupdatetool reads from are currently down. Verification?

Probably not. Unless you host with

Anyhow, reinstall the update tool (make sure that clientregistry.blob gets deleted) and then have it download to a fresh directory.

Does not help, had already tried. Verification on the fileservers being down?


Got more detailed information, fileserver checker was wrong, resolved.

How did you fix it? Just curious.