SRCDS - Mounting CS:S


Is there anyway to have CS:S content without mounting it through mount.cfg

My host has a capital letter in filepath and runs linux so it refuses to mount and he would have to do a metric fuckton of renaming apparently.

Anyway, is there something other than switching hosts that I can do.

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Contact your host. They should help you.

I sincerely wish that was possible. Is there no nice way of just unpacking .vpk files and dumping contents into /garrysmod

That’s a dumb thing to do. Just contact your host support, they gotta help you. If they don’t just change host.

If your host can’t offer CS:S mounting (which is required for a lot of addons/gamemodes), then you should reconsider whether they are actually a good host.

Pretty much this.

Why can’t you change it in the FTP or RDP?