SRCDS Multi-thread/core

Hello guys.

I’ve browsed through both SRCDS’s forums and this forum but couldn’t find anything on how to make SRCDS use multiple threads/cores.

What I’ve seen on Steam’s Forum is that SRCDS doesn’t have multi-threading.
I know hosting companies doesn’t like this but I kinda need it on my Dedicated Server, since 1 DarkRP server 24 slot with max players uses up 99.9% of ONE core, while it only uses 0-10% on the rest of the cores.

I’ve seen a server with 60 slot DarkRP and it had 45 players when I was on there and no lag at all, so they must’ve bypassed this “non-multi-threading” thing.

I would appreciate if anyone knew how to do that or have any solutions.

The way it’s programmed is not multi-threaded. 1 SRCDS instance only uses 1 physical core.

If you host multiple servers and have a multi-core box assign each SRCDS instance with its own core to use. Generally with SRCDS its not the number of cores that matter to a server its just the clock speed and the FSB speed. (Front Side Bus)

Thank you for your quick answer frosty802.

I know that I can assign each SRCDS instance to another core but I only host 1 DarkRP at the moment.

But as you might know, when the core is at 99.9% it causes the server to lag and I’ve lowered the tickrate to 33 without success.

Right now, I’m renting from a hosting company and I’ve talked to them alot recently. I have a dedicated server which I got from my father from his company since he upgraded and I’m about to move it to a rack hosting location. The dedicated has these specs:
Intel Core i5-450M (2.4 Ghz)
500 GB HDD.

I really don’t know why it has the i5 processor but it doesn’t matter to me. How good would a 24 slot DarkRP server run on that if the OS is Windows Server 2008?

Here’s the link to the processor:

Reduce prop count
Edit Adv Dupe to auto remove welds/constraints by default. Most people don’t tick this box and it rapes CPU.

Turn HyperThreading off as well, you’re only using about 60-80% of that core because of HT. This will reduce your thread count to 2 though (only 2 cpu’s will show). I’d only run the 1 DarkRP server on that box.

Now that I think about it, a reverse HT situation would be ammusing. A way for an OS to spread 1 thread over multiple cores, although this might not be possible I’m not aware of the physical/software aspects that well.

Pantho, how do I edit Adv Dupe to do that?
And how do I turn of HT?
Sorry for not knowing.

Thanks for your support!

tickrate 16 worked for me, kinda

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it was less laggy but the issues are still there with 40+ players

Adv Dupe, I forget… search for the text used on the option and trace it through the adv dupe lua files is probably what I did.

As for HT off you need to do it in your computers bios.

Excuse me if I’m wrong, but considering it’s a i5, it shouldn’t have Hyper-threading at all…

All i had to do with my box was lower tick to 33 from 60 to kill the 40-60 player lag.