[SRCDS] Network rates max out at 30k/s per player?

It seems that once the bandwidth to the client hits 30k/s the client begins to choke, I have tried setting several server cvars to raise this limit. Do you guys change your server rates? If so how/ what are they set to.
Thanks in advance!

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What is a “k” exactly? Are you talking 30 kb/s?

I believe so yes, I just typed it as it was shown using net_graph 2

How are you hitting that limit?

36 players
Some pretty silly coding in places if im honest:



It does, [t] or [img_thumb]

Oh, :slight_smile:

Well, why doesn’t it do that auto for image size xxx etc. But anyway thanks, I’ll use [T] from now on.

I’ve seen quite a few servers hit the limit actually. It’s why by default our rates are now set over 50000 :slight_smile:

Which cvars do you change darksoul? I can’t seem to get past that 30k/s cap.

type ‘rate’ in console and see what it is

Doesn’t seem to be a valid command


I guess I might as well bump this up on my servers, although we don’t seem to hit the limit anyways.

That is odd, perhaps it only works in game. I thought it would work at the server console.

Server console:



I really need to make it not watermark smaller images…

I am using rcon via HLSW and its not working, I will SSH into the box in a moment

Edit: Still not working


Right it depends on a number of things such as props, constraints, voice, tickrate etc. If your server is well optimized then you probably won’t hit the limit.

On the other hand I’ve seen a server with four players hit over 150,000 actual usage just flying around in planes and shooting each other :slight_smile:

Physics/voice tend to do a number on BW, but “rate” is apparently not recognized on my server XD