Srcds not letting me join my own server?

Hi guys.
Today I decided to host a Garrysmod dedicated server, so I followed this video to create one:
It worked successfully. Although, other people can connect to the server, I can’t.
I see it in my Internet tab list when I start Garrysmod and choose ‘Play Multiplayer’ but when I try and join it, it says: Server is not responding. And at the first few times I started up the server it appeared in my history list and when I tried to join, Garrysmod crashed, and this message popped up: Couldn’t allocate any server IP port. Naturally, I googled it and found about 2 facepunch threads reguarding it. Both mentioned fixing it using this method that DanielPinoy posted: **"no this one is better:

right click to the srcds.exe shorcut in your desktop and then find Target, add this with space after garrysmod word:

+hostport 27016 +tv_port 27021

the whole thing should look like this:

C:\HLServer\orangebox\srcds.exe -game garrysmod +hostport 27016 +tv_port 27021

if you have private router you need to port forward this ports:

I did this, and went to to forward the ports. I used the correct router choice (I think) and used “Steam client server” as the tutorial.

But even after doing all this correctly, there is no difference. Help would be appreciated please.

You can’t join your own SRCDS server from the same PC. As far as I know, this only happened AFTER the orange box engine. It’s because you’re trying to connect in, where you’re hosting out of.

I made a dedicated TF2 server on my computer and when I add to my favourites nothing happens.

However, when I added (the IP my computer has in my LAN) I was able to see it. I did not change the ports. But… the “connect” button was greyed out, I don’t know why. I went to console and typed “connect” - this worked!

Another reason why you don’t want to join your own server is because you’re sending twice the information. It’s like burning twice the fuel in your car.

So what do I do? Host the server on another computer, and join it on this current one?


Oh. 3 posts. Just a general idiot.

And everyone saying you cant join on the same computer your hosting from is a moron…

Friends wont work because it likely shows up as your LAN IP and not your Internal IP. Go into console and type ‘connect localhost:port’ or ‘connect’ port being the port your using obviously.

Tell me if it works.

If it does, the above idiots can look down in shame. Seriously, why do people reply if they don’t know what they are talking about?.


If the above fails then type ‘connect LANIP:PORT’ into console. Your lan IP being just that. You can find your LAN ip by going into the command prompt (windows button + R) type cmd hit enter and then type ipconfig and hit enter.

Your LAN will be under one of the IPs listed. It should be the very first. Use the IPv4 address if your using vista or windows 7.

Not true. I do it all of the time. How I do so, is a mystery to me, now knowing this. :confused:

Nevermind. I got it working :smiley: thanks all anyways.

Why would you? You’re hosting and playing, It’s doing twice the shit.

well, sorry but it worked for me…i knew it was working on some people, :frowning:

What?. That is not what you said.

“Another reason why you don’t want to join your own server is because you’re sending twice the information. It’s like burning twice the fuel in your car.”

Cough idiot…

Your not sending twice the information.

You’re playing, which is sending your client info to the server.
You’re hosting, which is recieving and sending to you.

No. You said "why you don’t want to join your own server is because you’re sending twice the information. "

Your not sending twice the information.

It is the same thing as hosting on a different computer and playing on the server on another computer.

The only real reason people recommend hosting on a different computer in the first place is priority. (CPU not being used by anything else, ram, etc.) However if you have more then one core then you can assign the game to one core and the server to a different one.

It gets better if your CPU has a good memory controller. For example, the latest quad cores (some/most) have two memory controllers on them and if you know which cores are dedicated to the memory controller you can basically have the same I/O transfer rate even if you are running a game.

So, no. You are not sending twice the information nor will it lag more if you know how to set it up right.

What did u do… its doing the same to me… staying at connecting to server


I host and play from 1 pc.

It’s not “sending” anything (at least outside your computer), you’re dealing with a localhost connection. It’s just talking inside itself. The only restriction for this would be CPU/RAM. Also, to the person who said the connect button was greyed out, you have to refresh your favorites list after adding a server.

What did you do to fix it? I have the exact same problem…

ok do this before you join on your client console, NOT THE SERVER.

hostport 17999
clientport 19985
tv_port 13346

If this doesn’t work, try different ports. If this does work, put it in the config.cfg so it runs everytime you start gmod.

This should work, it worked for me :smiley:

Also, t make sure you have port fowarded corretcly, try seeing if your friends can join by adding the server ip into their favs