SRCDS not mounting cstrike since Valve moved it

OK, I’m running CS:S and GMod servers on one box. Was working great until Valve moved the CS:S stuff out of “orangebox” and into “css”. When that happened, it downloaded GBs of data again, caused the disk space to run out (it’s a virtual machine with only 6GB allocated), and I ended up deleting it all and starting again…

I’m just now getting around to sorting out the CS:S content not being in GMod… What’s the best way to do that? Copying (or symlinking) the cstrike directory? Or is there a file somewhere that tells it where to look that I should edit?

I would personally just copy the cstrike folder inside css and add it into the orangebox server

Would symbolic linking work?
I don’t know if I have the space for copying it. I’m just concerned about having both accessing the files at the same time. And the additional mess I’ll end up with trying to maintain copies.

It should, and I do it myself.

There are very very few occasions when you need to update cstrike for gmod though, I think I’ve been forced to do it once in 2 years maybe?
When it swapped to orangebox etc.


As an example of where cstrike needs to be, and i know hldsupdatetool doesn’t put it in the right place by default unlike other orangebox games.

Excellent - Created the symlink, restarted the server, and up came cs_italy (my default map).