Srcds on Linux

So yeah this is my first time attempting to get a srcds server on linux, since my dedicated server runs of linux.I followed this tutorial im stuck at this part cd /home/ (username is server)when i type that it says:No such file or directoryand when i try to create the directory with “mkdir /home/server” it says "Permission denied"So i assume user “Server” doesn’t have enough rights to create that folder, could anyone add me on steam to help me step by step or something?

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Okay i can’t edit my post but i got a bit further here what happenes now:

I follow that tutorial and at the part

chmod +x hldsupdatetool.bin

everything works except ./hldsupdatetool.bin it says that the file doesn’t exist it did download the file and it did do the "chmod’ command without any problems.

The folder issue is probably something to do with your permissions setup. If the server is home hosted, then what version of linux are you using?

Yeah what version are you on? that would help alot :slight_smile: