SRCDS on these specs?

Hey Im wondering if I can run SRCDS on the following specifications. I was thinking mabye 6 Slots? Im not a experienced Linux user so Im sticking to Windows OS.
Im think CS:S or HL2DM

600mhz Intel Celeron processor,
256MB of ram,
5gb Harddisk,
Windows 2000 Tweaked,

I have 100GB bandwidth per month

Gotta hate the upload speed, compared to the 15mb download :S

0.50 is going to eat a dick

Yes. You can host on that.

I did it on a 400Mhz celeron and 84MB ram. Managed to host 4 people with no lag or max at 8 people with moderate lag.

Note that this was a CSS server back in 2003-2004 though.

You might be able to get by with walking around or maybe a couple people shooting.

Your connection would be able to handle maybe 3-4 people max, maybe 5 including yourself.

I have no idea how well that CPU is going to take it, it won’t take it very well though so expect a lot of cpu based lag on top of your connection being bad.

That CPU should be fine with 4-8 people.

And that network speed allows you to host 2-6 players.

I have shaw on my home computer, and I hate its uploading speed.
That’s why i host my server on my remote VPN server that a friend gave me. It is co-located in Colo4Dallas, which provides 10MB/s on my box.


He can host up to 10 slots in theory.

This is why I hate noobs like you replying when you dont even research shit.

6KB/s per player.

128KB/s per Mbps. So, subtract half and we have 64KB/s.

64 / 6 = 10.6

And thus, basic math kids.

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In theory, but not in reality. I have an identicle network connection on my home PC, and srcds can only handle 6 players before everyone gets 999ms for ping

FYI, my computer specs are significantly greater than the OP’s.

And?. Were your rates set at 6KB/s per client?. Hardware means shit when it comes to bandwidth and rates.

Don’t tell him he can only host 2-4 people if you dont know how to set your rates.

I have setted my rates to multiple variables for testing, the maximum clients that can join the server before lag starts is 7.

PS: Shaw doesn’t provide a static and stable uploading speed. The maximum uploading speed drops significantly after a minute or so, will spike up for a few more seconds, and drops again for another 5 minutes or so.

What game were you testing on.

So shaw has in-stable upload speeds? Thats not good. So I probably would not get lag if I setup a 5 slot server?

Wow I can see what you mean by unstable, I think its powerboost feature from my ISP.
here are some new results I just wish my upload went higher!

In theory is never the same as in practice. You have to account for other people using the line and a lot of other factors.

You should be able to set up a five slot server easily. That upload speed doesn’t look good at all though.

Ok, Ive managed to host 8 REAL players in gmod with some lag. I bet I could host a small 6 slot server without lag.

Dam physics! and its hardware requirements! erg!

I can confirm that, but I am sure that a lot of ISPs would have similar upload continuity.

Sorry to hijack this thread, but since the OP’s question is answered I wanted to know the size of the server I could host. My connection would be around 30 Mb/s down and 25 Mb/s up, the pc I plan to host it on is a P4 @ 1.5 GHz with 512mb of ram. What size of server could I host?

I believe you mean 25 Mb/s down?

Is it Megabytes or Megabits?

Either way, probably like 40 slots fine.

You’re not making any sense?