SRCDS Ports (Dedi Datacentre Server)

Hey guys,

Running a gmod server on a server which handles multiple servers for Gmod/gamemodes. Have not set one up in a year or more so trying to remember all the settings.

I’ve never had this issue before on this same box, but the ports seem to be binding to used ports (or I think default port?) and then giving me a random port, but cannot join to this server nor see the server.

The box is running TCAdmin and i’ve started this server outside of this platform (running from drive in user on server via RDP) originally the server was running while I was adding gamemode/addons and then it stopped launching and gave me this error. I’ve since reinstall the entire thing and just kept it Gmod without any gamemodes/addons but still it refuses to bind to the free ports i’m putting into my start up .bat.

I’ve run netstat -bano and can see all the ports being used and have selected numerous ports that are open but it keeps trying to bind to this 27005 port.

Here is the .bat startup:
-console -ip <SNIP> -port 27020 -game garrysmod -maxplayers 60 +fps_max 66 +map “rp_locality” -nohltv -condebug

I’ve been roaming the internet for this issue and there are a billion posts about people running servers off a home PC and needing to portforward, i’ve checked our hosting and the ports are open.

I can only assume it’s something obvious i’m missing OR TCAdmin reserves some ports or something crazy like that.