srcds Problems

I start up my SCRDS’ I am trying to use the gamemode Cider.
Everything is in the correct place.
(this has been happening to me since GMod Update)

I run the srcds.bat
When it’s loaded I type
changelevel gm_construct cider

And it comes up with

“Reverting sv_defaultgamemode to sandbox - gamemode is not valid.”
“Registering gamemode ‘sandbox’ derived from ‘base’”
“ScriptEnforce disabled”
“Executing dedicated server config file”
"Unknown command “ServerSettings”
"Unknown command “{”
"Unknown command “sbox_allownpcs”
"Unknown command “sbox_playergod”
"Unknown command “sbox_maxsents”
"Unknown command “}”

Also, I have tried re-naming the gamemode but it doesn’t help it.

Please help me,

The problem is your server.cfg

Ah and so it is, I forgot to change the sv_defaultgamemode.

Are you any good with Cider because now it’s saying:

There was a problem opening the gamemode file "cider/gamemode/init.lua

Maybe is the file missing?
Or it’s un-accessable.