SRCDS Server crashes frequently.

Hi there, I am running a SRCDS server on Garry’s Mod.

For some reason the server crashes often, maybe 7-8 times a day. Sometimes 3 times in an hour! What may be the cause of this? I only have a couple of addons installed. It seems to crash more often when there are more players online and spawning stuff and doing all sorts of crazy stuff.

Also, how do I make the server auto-restart? I remember there was a tool for that, or a batch script/command you can create? But when the server restarts, the cache files must also be uploaded to the FastDL via FTP automatically, how am I supposed to do that?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I figured out how to make my FTP program auto-upload if there are changes in the cache folder.

Have you come to any solution for your problem? I’m in a similar ordeal where the instability is really killing my will to play.

Running the server on a linux machine is much more stable. But I am still running my servers on a Windows 7 machine, I have as few addons as possible running to cause less frequent crashes. Server can be up 10 hours before it may randomly crash. That’s bascially what I did.

Mind posting what addons you were running before when it was unstable and what addons you are running now? Could help me root out the cause of my instability.

And as far as linux goes, I’m not ready to make that change for all of my things yet :v:

Or I don’t think I actually made any changes to addons if I remember correctly. I remember I went into ‘msconfig’ and checked only the most crucial programs to start on pc startup. A lot of programs running may make the server crash more frequently, you can try that.

I have Wiremod, CAP and some 2-3 other very small addons.

Shit :pwn: Guess I won’t come to any conclusion to why it’s happening.

Maybe it could be caused by a lack of free memory for srcds to use?

Hm, just 4gb RAM should run a server fine, I am pretty sure. You can try setting srcds.exe on “High priority” on task manager -> processes. Worth a try.

The server has 12 gb in total, it’s dedicated to just run my servers but I run a few others servers than the gmod one on it so sometimes memory free runs a bit thin.

I see.

I have 2 servers running on a regular 8gb ram laptop, works fine. You are using the srcds command line right? And not the GUI one.

Yes, running it as a service.

The black cmd box I assume then? Well then, I don’t really know what more you can do . :confused: