"Srcds server" DarkRP needhelp

I got this problem,
When you buy a gun as GunDealer or anyjob you cant pickup the gun,
“Admins - Super Admins - Owners” can pickup guns but not normal players??
What is couseing this problem? its annoying,

AND YES! i have Counter-Strike:Soruce installed on the server…

Im useing a “srcds” server which you know is dedicated probably.

The weapons aren’t world props/entities.

Then how do i do that?

Mess around with the FPP settings (Q menu) it should be in the Utilities section, and somewhere around there, you should find a optiton enabling world props/entities. Sorry that I don’t remember the full detail, I haven’t been playing DarkRP such a long time.

Ill try

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Nope theres nothing that says anything about world props/entities?

rp_license 0

Wont work either :stuck_out_tongue:

Check the wepons are working from the spawning menu, you might not have css installed right

installing css

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You’d probably get far better support if you didn’t post in the wrong section.

Have installed Counter-Strike:Source properly…

Goto FPP (Falco Prop Protection) Settings and then goto the use options, then basically check it so normal players can pick up world props (I think its world props, if not let them pick up blocked until it lets you pick guns up)

Press F4 ingame, go to admin

The settings in there change things like that, no idea why the hell you’d only want admins to have guns in darkrp though. Or admins spawn with all weapons/cop weapons etc. Kinda random.

Did i “EVER” say that i wanted admins to spawn/pickup weapons? “NO”, I said that “ADMINS CAN (ONLY) PICKUP WEAPONS!”… “BUT” Normal players cant…

“CAPS” and random “QUOTATIONS” make you “STAND” out very “MUCH”…