SRCDS - Workshop Addon Download Error

I Recently Updated My Garry’s Mod Server, It Works Perfectly Fine But Get This Error While It Downloading Workshop Files From The Workshop.vdf

Is This Due To The Latest Update That Has Caused This And Is There A Temporary Fix?

Thanks, Pommy159.

There might be some hidden text in your file. Try editing it with a non-formatted text editor such as notepad.

That just means that most likely one of the links you have to an addon was either removed, or you might have typed it in incorrectly, if you can’t figure it out, post the contents of your workshop file.

Here Is My Workshop.vdf File, It Seems To Download/Update All Except The Last One rp_downtown_v2.

Also Updated The Print Screen Of The Console.

Yeah, your workshop file looks fine even though I haven’t tested the links. But your problem lies with the issue that the workshop downloader for SRCDS won’t download files over 64 mb, Garry is aware of this issue. You can tell by when it says

Aborting HTTP request because we received a response with a content-length over 64MB and we are not streaming

Theoretically your SCars basic addon shouldn’t be on the server. All I did to fix this on my server was to get a GMA extractor, and turn the workshop GMA files in my gmod folder into legacy addons I could use on the dedicated server. Here’s the link to the addon extractor

I have removed the Scars basic from the file and added 2 test files “110984714” - Zs Nacht Der Untoten and also “109382995” - Predator Missile, and these both did not download. and also rp_downtown_v2 is less than 64Mb and stll did not download.

GMA extractor was no use to me either.

Post the new console output

Managed to fix the maps not installng, i just added them to the maps folder

It’s something with your first workshop listing (playx), it doesn’t like that for some reason. I would extract it and try installing it as a legacy addon using the extractor I posted above.

The addons have a mind of it’s own and choose to work sometime.
The GMA extractor only makes folders for the addons , but installing them manually dosen’t work for me. I also find GMA Extractor no use to me either.

Well at this point, frankly as much of a pain in the ass as it’s going to be, I would reinstall your srcds server, keep the gmod files but remove everything else, clear out your workshop VDF, verify your files using the -verify_all perameter when updating Gmod, and add the addons back. See if that fixes your issue.

I’ll give it a try, it shouldn’t take long. It normally downloads fast

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Re-Installed the server, still comes up with the error, but all the addons download successfully.

I think it is just a bug due to the newest update.

Thanks for all you help 007SILVERTOE & Pon-3.