SRCDS 'Your server is out of date...'

Hello everyone,
Sorry for not doing my Help and Support rounds as usual, I’ve been quite busy lately.

Recently I encountered an error with SRCDS: Despite having updated Garry’s Mod on HLDS with the update tool, my server still tells me it is out of date.
Also, in my ‘Orangebox’ folder on my servers I’ve noticed a ghostly ‘hl2.exe’ application that has installed itself… what’s going on here?
I really hope and pray it’s not a new way to run servers…
No really.

Thanks in advance.

You need to use the steam cmd update tool now, not the hlds tool

Could anyone post a link to where we could update it? Much appreciated.

Although it’s terriblely documented. Garry should really post a tutorial on how to use steamcmd to setup a server instead of throwing everyone into the deep end…

He did.

Could anyone explain how to use this?

It tells you on the wiki, once installed you use it just like you did the old dedicated server, easy peasy.

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Although, if anyone works out how to get CS:S content, i.e. models, sounds and materials mounted, could you let me know?
^ Here

Will this interfere with the custom stuff already on my server?

If by custom stuff you mean things you’ve added from the Steam Workshop, simply put your collection ID numbers into your start up .bat file followed up with “-authkey <STEAM API KEY CODE>.”

Well I’m talking more of my scripts and such, like the custom models and lua scripts.

Yeah, essentially it’s a new version of the dedicated server that uses SteamPipe.

I’d backup you’re old installation so you can add all your custom content after the new install.

Ok, doing that now. Wish me luck.

Look at these:

Good luck :slight_smile:

Now I’m getting “ERROR! Failed to install app ‘4020’ <No Subscription>”
DO I install it on my computer (not my server) here first?

When I had to update to SteamCMD, it failed when I got to around 52%. I tried again (from the beginning) and it worked. Try again perhaps?

No it’s returning this error when I type " app_update 4020 validate"
Oop it’s doing something now

Did you give it a path to follow (force_install_dir <PATH>)?

Yeah, it’s bugging out on me…
It’s saying I have “no subscription”

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Weird, I’ve never encountered that… I suggest restarting from the beginning with login anonymous then path, app_update 4020 -validate. Make sure to not put it in the hldsupdatetool folder if you still have that since that is no longer used. :slight_smile: