{SRH} New DarkRP! New ideas and players needed

We just created a new DarkRP! Its a 34 slot custom content- Like >Drug dealers has a diff. type of marijuana…Northern Light Hybrid
>A new class Medical Marijuana Salesman that can spawn Medical Marijuana…dur…
>We have Realistic CSS weapon pack thats added into the Gundealer class

Well theres not much more to say since we are brand new and are looking for more ideas on how to make our server better!

If you join our server and PM TehSeckz or Shankapotamus “Facepunch Recruitment” you will receive $8,000 ingame! Also if you give us an idea we like and use you will receive $10,000 ingame for it.


Hope to see you there and hear you ideas!

Maybe get a forum to discus the server? :slight_smile:

If you really wanted to reduce rdm by a little, you would get rid of all assault weapons and have only pistols and no drugs.

I don’t think getting rid of drugs would reduce RDM.

lol RDM is the best part of a darkrp server.

agreed lol.

Its fun for minges, I find it annoying.

Sorry but RDM in a Rp is realy annoying…

and for roarcake get rid of the css realistic weapond… they create too much smoke when you fire them and make players lag…

Can’t be more agreed with you.

“>We have Realistic CSS weapon pack thats added into the Gundealer class”
:open_mouth: RDM TIME!!! Seriously, like make the guns expensive so not many people can get it. :confused:

Dosen’t has to mean DM for christ sake.

Meh, DarkRP