[SRP] Soul-Roleplay.de ||| Serious Roleplay Community [B2 - Hl2rp]

Hello Facepunch Forum.

I’m Soliv, server Admin from SRP
And i wanted to show you this Great community.

Forum: www.soul-roleplay.de

We have currently a Half-life 2 Roleplay server



For more information Visit the site or
Go on our Teamspeak 3 Server

IP: Port: 9987

See ya on the Server :slight_smile:

I love the server, I love the community, I think alot of people should try it out.

I have heard nothing but good things about you

I played on it a while back, was pretty nice

Community is awesome and Fun!!! :smiley:

First post is in a thread about a server advertisement; alt?

I’ve seen him on the server before so chances are the owner told him to make a account and post

Why do you copy everything MGS does?
Same forum layout, buyiny the same gamemode just after they announce they are running them.

I thought the whole point of setting up a community was to be individual…

Well many people from MGS joined us
And its not like that the admins make all the Rules themself
We asking the community too what they want
Maybe thats why its abit like MGS
But i can tell you that SRP is quite different from MGS^^

Does this men because I run cider two I am copying mgs?

You are mistaken, most things MGS has done Soul Roleplay has followed to same route Shortly after, It is most likely unintentional/coincidence.

Also, cut your smartass comments out and learn some manners.

Why are you such a jackass outside the customer forum?

I rarely post on the customer forum.

yet when you do you’re nice

I am relatively kind when posting unless someone Posts a comment like yours above or trolls. It just irritates me you know, I’m easy to wind up :stuck_out_tongue:

This server is actually pretty cool.

I like server and community. It’s worth of joining.

Your site really looks to much like MGS’s site.

Another generic HL2RP Server :derp:

That’s something I never thought I would hear haha :stuck_out_tongue: