I am here to release my map I have been working on for the last 6 months.
** The first version, v1 is already done. Don’t get confused, I won’t make any further developments of the map, only bugfixes, maybe.
And on to the map itself!


Hey guys, after getting some feedback from TnB players, I decided to  tweak the map a little bit. Here is V3 of Darkdolina (V2 did not see  public release but yeah).




[del]The download of the map:
Necessary files (Hostel’s texture pack;because I was dumb and didn’t pack them in):[/del]
You need EP2 too.

Raviool -Most of the mapping
Geza - A few building prefabs
Vosk - A few building prefabs
Hostel - His texture pack
Jerry - Helping me learn model porting
Arzalis - I think he helped with model porting too
Snood - Help with model porting
MDDBULLDOGG - A tiny bit of mapping
Gnarkill - 3D Skybox
Russian CSS mappers - Models and shit
Horsey - mapping buddy!

People proven wrong:
Davebrown - “People never finish their maps”
Spartan 5150 - “Raviool didn’t release his map because he knew he would lose his admin status after it”

Removed images due to broken media tags, sorry :frown:

Very Stalker-y.

It’s in one word: Incredible.

Well done.

The bar from Stalker is on this map :smile:
Good job.

Ooh I made building prefabs for this map.

No wonder it came out really damn cool. :v:

The only thing that bothers me in the map is the EP2 road texture. It really doesn’t fit, its too green and dark.

thank god its the only thing

Just did a quick play through, and besides the occasional bird chirping in the underground bunker, I was very impressed. Excellent map.

Nice interior lighting, and it looks pretty sharp.

I love this shot. The lighting on the left looks amazing, as does everything else.

Great atmosphere too. Have a king.

This is fucking


I like this shit

Very nice map. Good work.

Fucking awesome, my only itch is that the floor textures look too grainy.

Tried it in singleplayer and played it for hours with Stalker NPC:s, really awesome map.
Perfect for Stalker Roleplay, as the name says. :v:

The map is excellent. My only gripe is the downed airliner, it just seems incredibly out of place.

i promised vosk to put it in v:v:v

The underground labs are missing.

its just very small because i rushed the map, i had enough of forcing myself to work with it
look in the train tunnel

The map is pretty cool. After seeing “The Bar”, I thought that the rest of the map would follow the lineup of the world from the first game. Then I was surprised at seeing the train station from “Call of Prypiat”. (Yes, the game spells it wrong, it spells it as “Pripyat.”) Along with your own custom touches to it.

The only flaw is that the meowing cat in the soundscapes gets on my nerves.