srsly forum admins

If you guys would be so fast with banning the freaking hackers in the game, like you ban people in this forum for barely nothing, it would be fine.

Give this postal dude a server admin job… so he can ban all the cheaters and hackers.

Its linked in the sticky, which you didnt read :v:

Ok missed that one… sry

Also THIS is the postal dude

Erm yes but the forum admin calls himself like that?

… forum mods and game mods are a separate identity all they do is relay the message to the devs or whom ever has the power to ban people.

so please quit your whining

Iknow, just saying, postal is a mod, Postal Dude is a video game character

Omg just idiots here or what… cant u understand that i already know that? Whining my a$$

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So you want a cookie for that?

All i really wanted to say… get some server admins in the game that ban hackers faster…

VAC is already banning hackers but it takes time so all u can do is wait

yes your whining so stop u can bitch bitch bitch all you want forum mods and game mods have a set a rules they have to follow… Plus on top of that they have real lives just because joe smoe wants a hacker ban immediately doesn’t mean they’re life and their rules should go out the window…

post on the proper thread and wait like everyone else

I know… but a live admin could do the quick fix.

A live admin cant moderate over a thousand servers at a time.

im sure your so called live admin, plays other games or mods other games as well quick fix or not your not the first one to report a hacker. it goes on a list and they go down the list when they can simple as that

The only one who is whining here is you.

Not a single VAC module is loaded in Rust.

im not whining im informing your a impaitent lil 12 yr old that needs to turn your computer off and go outside for 15 minutes

So you guys never played dayz with live admin?
Its really complex you know… he is on the server and takes care of stuff like that… damn hard to understand i know…

We all need to go outside more. :v: at least I am not to the point of pissing in two liters and shitting in a trashcan yet :v:

Vac is woven into the game its an anti hack system kinda like battleeye for dayz mod but if you read the lastest update on the VAC isn’t banning people its just keeping the hacks in check for the most part.

the community has to report the actual hacker names and then the mods have to track them down on steam or whatever

Lol… little guy… stop the bitching about my thread and move on