SRV records for GMod servers?

Hello, I was just wondering if GMod server support SRV redirects (ex: -->

I’ve seen GMod Tower use this:

So I assume it is possible? Although I don’t exactly know what protocol to use.
Has anyone else found a way to do this?


Just point it right to the IP of your server. No SRV record needed.

Just add a CNAME record, contact your hosting provider who hosts your webserver and they should hook you up. If you are using cPanel just goto “Advanced Zone Editor” and add a new record.
More info:

It depends on who you bought the website domain from. Basically you need to make the domain point to the server IP.

Ah, alright. Which would you say is more fitting?

Forward seems only allow http:// and A doesn’t seem to support other ports (27016 instead of 27015)

CNAME says: The address needs a valid DNS target for its CNAME.

CNAME, thats what you want. It’s just the IP so will work along with and so on.

Contacted my host, apparently the only way is through the A method which doesn’t allow for custom ports (only SRV can do that so they say)

A records allow all ports. GMod tries to connect by default on 27015. Just point an A record at your IP, if you can connect to the ip directly without error, then you’ll be able to connect to the domain with no error.