SS Officer Model request

Can some one throw me a SS officer model?

No. Pictures first.


Agree’ed Cause this would be boss Closest I could find…

That doesn’t work. When you spawn it its invisible.

Hmm, I compiled something similar yesterday.

I can recompile it with different citizen heads if you like that model as a base.

Yeah, that’d be nice.

Could you maybe make it more black instead of grayish?

Gee SGG, That’s a pretty nifty hack there. I’m guessing it’s mostly from RnL?

I don’t know, I’ve never played RnL.
I found it on FPSB as an admin model for DoD:S.

I realise the aim probably isn’t for that to be a hyper-authentic model, but the rank insignia on his sleeve would indicate him to be a low ranking enlisted man. That contradicts the braided cap (There are some units that gave enlisted men unbraided caps for ceremonial wear.) which would mark him as an officer.