SS Panzergrenadiers tank riders getting ambushed in a street.

Well it’s pretty cool but you know, when you’ve seen one generic picture, you’ve seen them all, so I can not really … appreciate the picture. Try doing something more original than this.

“Germans getting ambushed in a foggy and (blurry?) place ? Oh snap!”


Anyway the editing is cool.The pose is simply… there.

Good posing. It does look like they’re getting ambushed but, the ambushers are VERY well hidden. Did they scare them into dying? I don’t see any weapons going off and if it was a sniper, he’d be screwed.

Looks cool

Looks like they were ambushed by snipers.

I didn’t make them appear in the picture.

Next time it would look a lot better to see the ambushers or at least a sign of them other than a dead/dying Nazi. But, like I said earlier, the posing is very good.

This is NOT generic.

atleast… the camera angle is far from generic.

you guys need to pull your brain out of your asses.

nice picture bro… but like 1 tracer would be nice :slight_smile:

I love it. I don’t see anything “generic” about it considering that unlike most generic pictures this one is actually worth looking at.

The composition is brilliant. I just love the feel of it.

Ambush - hide in order to make a surprise attack.

Snipers can ambush, even if it is one. If you can see the sniper in the picture, he obviously is not a very good sniper. Considering he got a nice chest shot, he probably is pretty good.

This picture 10/10.

I especially like the blood on the palm of his hand from trying to feel the exit wound.

Actually, this is the entry wound. :slight_smile:

I’ll post other pictures from the whole scene.

This isn’t the whole whole scene, but still a good overview of it. Feel free to edit.

Nice work.

Well, if that was the case, I would have changed the title to “Achtung! Ein Heckenschütze!”

Correct my German if I’m wrong.

Edit: But of course, it’s awesome. Love the camera angle.

I really like this one.

Nice. Reminds me of a dream I had once.


I don’t want to know. Hahah.