Hey guys, so i’ve recently started trying to recreate the /tg/ station in Hammer. I know a lot of people who play SS13 have always said the same thing: “Man i wish there was a 3D version of this”. Now i’m not saying i’m trying to build an SS13 mod for Source or anything (as that is far out of my reach when it comes to coding/modelling etc.) but i just thought it would be, at least even as an exercise in mapping, a cool little project to work on.

All i’ve done so far is map out the areas from the escape arm to Medbay and the Bar, put in placeholders for windows and doors, and generally make a rough plan of the station. I’ve tried to keep everything as legit as possible, i spent a fair time sketching out blueprints, and the x/y-level view is pretty much identical to the genuine station. It does look a little odd when you’re actually playing the level, with the walls being so fat, but i suppose that is to be expected at this stage. In future i might try and make it a little more realistic rather than accurate; but for now i’m cool with it.

Here’s an aerial shot of what i’ve got so far.

Everything is just placeholders at the minute. The light grey squares are doors, and although you can’t see it from this angle, windows are where they are supposed to be. At the bottom is the Research Division, Medbay and the Custodial Closet with some of the surrounding maintenance tunnels, at the top from right to left is the Chapel, Library, Botany, Kitchen and Bar along with some maintenance tunnels also.

I’m already starting to worry about how freakin’ huge this map is going to be, considering this tiny portion of the station is already massive. I guess if i had some questions for you guys they’d be as follows:

Has anyone ever tried to make an SS13 station in source before? Could you link me to it if so?
Do you think Hammer could handle the entire station? Not just on a physical size limitations of the grid, but also sheer amount of brushes etc. that is going to get put into a map this big.
Any idea if there are some SS13 texture packs out there?
Even better, some SS13 models for my map?
Does anyone actually give a shit? Is this a “Hell yea i’d love to shoot some scrubs on an SS13 based map” or more of a “Thats cool. I’d never actually use it for anything though” kinda map.

I know some of those i can search for myself, but i’m not really interested in texturing my map or filling it with props just yet, and will be waiting till i actually finish the map layout itself which is a long way off. Anyway, i’ll be updating this as i make more of the station and get some feedback on what everyone thinks. Cheers duds.

Are you going to have working buttons and blast doors, and stuff like that?

It will have everything that is simple working as it should to begin with. I’m not even going to attempt something like the piping and atmos system or computer interfaces etc. But it will have working things like buttons, doors, shutters, blast doors, mass drivers, perhaps the gibber in the kitchen, maybe fire doors and fire alarms size permitting, working lockers, conveyor belts, disposal vents (though they will just teleport junk), privacy shutters, open/close morgue trays, maybe even a simple burn chamber in Toxins that just heats up at the touch of a button.

So yeah, anything i can feasibly do without a huge effort in Hammer will find its way in there. And if it doesn’t push over the size limits of course.

well for the textures you could use the Sci-Fi textures by PhillipK (part 1) (part 2)

about the models the only thing to do is to ask around or make it yourself as no ss13 models exist

also i remember someone was making a map based on ss13 but don’t remember who

Ambient honk soundscapes.

Was this the one? - ( More screenshots -

3D SS13 simply doesn’t work. The concept behind it is that you can see 360 degrees around yourself. It’s not meant to be realistic.

That being said, please make this a topdown view map…don’t make it first person. Also if its only one level (for topdown purposes), hammer should be able to compile it just fine (so long as you don’t make it so big it falls off the grid.)

He isn’t remaking SS13 he’s just making a map.

I didn’t tell him, or even hint at, him remaking ss13. You can easily create an instantly-turned on topdown view of a map through hammer.