Maybe I should not use Half-Life 2 textures. Fuggly looking things they are.

Lighting and stuff looks nice. My only problem is the last picture, the texture choices you chose were a pretty bad choice in my opinion.

My main goal was to use content everyone has (hl2) when they run garrysmod. This meant I had to utilize textures I didn’t really want in some cases. Thanks for the complement non the less.


Modesty is something crucial for an artist, even if you’re a mapper. Hats off.

WOW is that egotistical or what

Harsh. I’ll rephrase my title if it provokes you enough to say the map is no good. I guess I got what I asked for.

Add Birds :flashfap:

Maybe add more targets?

looks great

That’s an awfully short shooting range. Most go out to atleast 100 yards. Better ones are in large fields and valleys extending out hundreds of yards, even exceeding a kilometer with multiple lanes for pistols, shotguns, skeet shooting, rifles, etc.

The lighting is pretty meh, and some of the architecture really has no detail or pointless shaping to it.

Well, I think the lighting is way to bright. Your outdoor area looks great, no complaints there, but I think your indoor could use a bit of detail work, just a small bit. It’s pretty much all set.

I actually liked the texturing in the last picture best (:
I’m not sure what you did with the lighting though, looks fullbright when it’s not. Be careful!