I know there’s probably already one out there and IIRC At one time I saw it but didn’t need it at the time

Can someone please help me find it? or if it dosent exist rip it for me please?

Thank you in advance.

Pretty much everything from SSBB is being made on the brawl thread that’s
Go look up the thread.

Yeah but im specifically asking for FOX Which isnt Up yet

just use the starfox 64 versions that are on for the time being.

Would you mind giving a link? I searched Starfox and didnt see it

Sure thing, guy with the odd lion avatar. Just did “fox” and it was on the first page, both links were.

That’s a playermodel AND and NPC.

Also, if you have the materials, get this to go with it (makes for some good SBRP right here):

That would work fine but i need it as a ragdoll for posing and such.

Thats actully the one i orignally seen! I wonder why i didnt see it on the search…

You can also find a ragdoll here under “Super Smash Bros Melee”.

The model linked by Pops has his proportions modified to fit the player model skeleton, so go with the model on the page I’m linking to if you’re concerned about accuracy.

Thanks numbers that works perfectly

THis thread can be closed or deleted or whatever