SSBB Link reskin pack not working?

hi, I need help knowing where to extract the ssbb link reskin pack? it does not contain a spawn list. i tried putting it in addons. didnt work. tried putting it into Steamapps/My user name/garrysmod/garrysmod folder. but that didnt work either. i tried to ask the poster of the skin pack. but i didnt get an answer. all i got was “please leave the thread to R.I.P.” i thought this forum was to answer questions as well as post realeses. not to neglect those questions… :confused: please help me.

Does it have an “info.txt” file with it? If so, it does go into “Addons” even without a spawnlist. You’d just have to find the skins under the browse tab ingame.

ok. il try that. thank you.

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well. it doesnt have an info.txt either. i checked. so i tried to create a spawn list my self. do you think this would work?
“name” “#Link Skin Pack”
“1” “models/Dltp/Dlshea.mdl”
“2” “models/Dltp/Dlshie.mdl”
“3” “models/Dltp/Dlswo.mdl”
“4” “models/Dltp/Dlswo2.mdl”
“5” “models/Dltp/Dltp.mdl”
“6” “models/FDL2/FDsw2.mdl”
“7” “models/FDLi/FDLi.mdl”
“8” “models/FDLi/FDshea.mdl”
“9” “models/FDLi/FDshie.mdl”
“10” “models/FDLi/FDswo.mdl”
“11” “models/FDLi/FDswo2.mdl”
“12” “models/FDS3/FDsw2.mdl”
“13” “models/LetL/LeLshe.mdl”
“14” “models/LetL/LeLshi.mdl”
“15” “models/LetL/LeLsw.mdl”
“16” “models/LetL/LeLsw2.mdl”
“17” “models/LetL/LetL.mdl”
“18” “models/MALi/MALi.mdl”
“19” “models/MALi/MAshea.mdl”
“20” “models/MALi/MAshie.mdl”
“21” “models/MALi/MAswo.mdl”
“22” “models/MALi/MAswo2.mdl”
“23” “models/OoTL/OoTL.mdl”
“24” “models/OoTL/sheOoT.mdl”
“25” “models/OoTL/shiOoT.mdl”
“26” “models/OoTL/swOoT.mdl”
“27” “models/OoTL/swOoT2.mdl”
“28” “models/PiSL/PiSL.mdl”
“29” “models/PiSL/PiSLsh.mdl”
“30” “models/PiSL/PSLish.mdl”
“31” “models/PiSL/PSLsw.mdl”
“32” “models/PiSL/PSLsw2.mdl”
“33” “models/SoIL/SLiShi.mdl”
“34” “models/SoIL/SILShe.mdl”
“35” “models/SoIL/SLswo.mdl”
“36” “models/SoIL/SLswo2.mdl”
“37” “models/SoIL/SoIL.mdl”
“38” “models/ZArL/ZArL.mdl”

If you find the models under browse, you can right click them to add them to a spawnlist of your choice.

It’s pretty much common sense.