SSBB Models

Does someone know where I can download Sheik, Ganondorf, Link and Peach brawl models in fbx or another extension that opens in 3ds Max? (Also, if possible, I’d like the recolours of the textures) They don’t need to be rigged, but I’d like them in t-pose. The ones I found were for Gmod, or weren’t in t-pose, and I suck at t-posing models. I want the models because I’d like to make some short movies and things like that. If you’d like to see, here’s some of my work: (Still working on this one’s textures)

Waiting for an answer.

Try these:

I already have the Zero Suit and Zelda models in fbx. I liked the Bikini Samus texture, but I do not own Gmod nor Steam, so I can’t dowload, because you have to be logged in for that.

Thank you, anyways :wink:

Then what the flying hell are you doing on the official Gmod forums?

If you’d read the first post, he’s requesting the base models to use for a machinima or something of the sort. Considering how much ripping is done in the name of Gmod, it’s fairly logical.

The mario Brawl model doesn’t work!