can someone please make a princess daisy ragdoll and ssbb peach ill give you the link please ive been trying to find daisy for a long time please someone make them. oh and if you do make them please make them with bones in hair and dress thank you

Someone make this guy a grammar book.

Anyways I’m sure they exist, And why the hell did you make 2 threads?

first of all there is a ssbb princess peach but luigimario never put her on and the gmod daisy that luigimario made does not have bones in hair or dress and second of all i can type whatever i feel like typing so dont judge me and i made 2 threads cause i felt like it ok i am just trying to find someone who is nice enough to make the ragdolls that i really want

Don’t make two threads, it’s annoying and (if i am correct) bannable.

Check that out. I can’t understand what you want?


This isn’t a Lua question.

This is neither a question neither Lua related.