SSBM Wire Frames

I know what yall thinking, they are not too attention but if you think about, yall will be like: why didn’t I request this before. will it be extreme to have these characters in Garry’s Mod? it’s your choice…


bump one more time “sorry”

hmm I can see your point there. it will be awsome to these foes in gmod.

-bump- I’m surprise that people don’t find this thread interesting. why is that?

maybe because they don’t know what wire frames I’m talking about I don’t know.

Download Captain Falcon model. Use wireframe on him. Done.

Sure it’s not really what you want but it’s one option you can do I guess.

They look different than just getting a model and choosing wireframe, I think.

anyway, it wouldn’t feel the same just Use wireframe on Captain Falcon, i know that the male wireframe was model by Captain Falcon but still “I don’t know”

I do have plans for these models if they will to be in gmod, having thoughts of making a super smash bros gmod video or comic out of them.

i know that most of the people here are busy in school so I kind of expect that the models won’t be progress anytime soon.

maybe in Winter break :slight_smile:

Don’t get your hopes up…

Yall know any websites that imported the wire frames?


you do want these models do you TremorFire.

I would like them also. Bump!


did I heard that someone are doing the aollies? just want to know…

not really