SSBumped brick texture

Not a huge release but I think it looks nice, Especially with flashlights/dynamic lights.
It tiles almost seamlessly (There is a very tiny vertical line but it’s hardly noticeable)


Oh by the way, You’ll need to set the texture scale to something like 0.15 instead of 0.25 else it’ll look too big.

This actually doesnt look too bad, nice work

i’m downloading this now looks sexy :wink:

To be honest I think you’ve too blatantly tried to make it look 3d and now it looks slightly fake-ish. Maybe a more subtle normal map perhaps?

It looks good, but would fit a TF2 map the best imo.

Nah TF2 textures are more painted on IMO. I think that’s why lots of textures have a lack of bump maps in them.

you can release only textures in this section? :aaa:

If only I didnt suck at VMTs and bumpmaps :sigh:

Looks nice!

shocked face

almost looks parralaxed.

Don’t know but I did :v:

what program did you use to get the SSBump textures? I asked Ryan to incorporate it into crazybump, it’s been a while since the last update though. I heard xNormal had support for SSBumps by default.

I used

It uses CUDA :smiley:

How would I go about changing the texture scale?

And would this overwrite any pre-existing brick texture, so it’s used everywhere?

If so, I’ll definitely use it.

Normal texture + oil painting effect = TF2 texture. :V

I actually like it, although I don’t like how I should scale it.

It looks messy in that texture’s .vmt file, it said:

$basetexture benbrooks/brick
$surfaceprop brick
$bumpmap benbrooks/brick_ssbump
$ssbump 1

It’s supposed to be

“$basetexture” “benbrooks/brick”
“$surfaceprop” “brick”
“$bumpmap” “benbrooks/brick_ssbump”
“$ssbump” “1”

instead. So you forgot the quotes

Quotes aren’t a requirement and you only really need them if there is a space in a keyvalue, for example the RGB values in the $envmaptint parameter. Otherwise the VMT syntax is fairly versatile in that respect. His is no more messy than yours.

That’s a nice looking texture by the way. Good to see that more people are using SSBumps. They really are superior to normalmaps.

This looks nice.