SSF4 juri model *Needs fix*

here is juri from super streetfighter im providing her fully rigged her bone reoriented textures normalmaps and her spec i think thats in the alpha channel of the diffuse or normalmap i cant remember though her rigged version has this little “well BIG” mesh problem check the little tabs below as u can see the model has these little tape line polys thats attached to everymesh there should b about 5-500 of these depending on the poly count of the mesh and theres about 24 meshes or 10 i didn’t count :confused:

i will provide a 3ds max 2009 scene in that i already deleted some of those polys but theres alot more

im sending a obj version of her aswell this version has no problem well u gotta do a bit of vertexwelding but besides that should b ok another problem with the bone version well look at the 1050p image ya bad faces when u render in viewport its fine tho :< i would do this my self but i dont have time so im just leaving her here so someone else can port her im providing 2 other color’s for her main costume and her second costume but as a obj only if u want the boned version of that tell me but well what i said happened above will apply with that version 2 :confused: for some people it would probably just be alot easier to just rig the obj version and be done with it but up to u :smiley:

Rigged version  : Extra poly's Bad faces  
Static version : not rigged 

-& dont ask how im gettin these >:O

.Obj’s .dds .Max(2009) .Dae

GASP YES ROLAND YOU ARE A GOOD MAN. Juri is my favorite SF character ever.



I may try to do this in the future. I am going to try and learn ragdolling sometime and maybe try her first then do my own from the ground up. Don’t hold your breath though. I have been very busy

It’s cool. As long as it happens SOMEDAY.

-bump- come on guys don’t let this die like the chun li post

I am death_blade and I approve this project

this would be a nice addition to gmod… bump for ya fans.

I support this along with everyone else. The world needs more street fighter models.

that’s the spirit


I hope to die a happy man after this model is released.


What’s this? A perfectly good Juri model, left in the dust? Why, someone should clean her up and send her along to the realm of Garry’s Mod!


Come now people, this model seems ready for someone who knows how to work the program. All it takes is some care and time, then it will be ready for the world to use.

not many street fighter fans on this forums dude :frowning:

A model is a model, regardless of where it came from. That said, we have naked TF2 mercs, ponies from MLP, and a work in progress thread about Mortal Kombat. Why not one little Street Fighter model that could only take a few hours?

I concur. We need more models from fighting games.

This apparently contains more models for juri.